Melbourne's Leading Corporate Coffee Carts since 2006 - Pricing

As Melbourne Leading Corporate Mobile Coffee Carts / Mobile Coffee Caterers you can benefit from our experience and longevity (since 2006) by way of the most reasonable Mobile Coffee rates in melbourne, there are cheaper companies out there and quite a number of the new arrivals are quite a bit more expensive than us, our prices are based on a quality product delivered with professional service. With a typical four hour booking serving say 400 coffees to your guests, prices can start from less than around $3.10 per cup. Serving a smaller group say 250 coffees can start from around $3.30 per cup. (We regularly do small functions, however our minimum package of up to 150 or 200 cups or 50 cups plus food applies)

Contact us for our package prices. Set Prices Includes everything you need for your guests to enjoy great coffee and beverages; 4, 6 or 8 hour Professional Coffee Cart hire, Coffee, Drinking Chocolate, Tea, Chai, White & Raw Sugars as well as Equal, Cups, Milk (Choice of Full Cream, Lite and Soy, we can even provide Kosher , A2 or organic Milk) and of course our professionally trained Barista/s.

We can also cater for those among your guests who prefer cold drinks instead of Hot ones. We have a range of Premium Fresh orange and local crushed Red Hill apple juices as well as a selection of Soft Drinks from both the Coca-Cola, Schweppes and Cascade Premium Range and Mineral Waters.

  • Contact us by Email or Phone to price your next private event or function
  • We also have special all day Professional Coffee Cart hire rates with a Barista and all consumables for Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Conferences etc. Just contact us and we'd be happy to work out a special deal for you.

    Espresso Machine Package Hire Due to past experience. We no longer hire our equipment as 'Machine Only'. We only offer our full barista service coffee service which includes everything.

    Our coffee service has been voted by the readers of Crema Magazine as the Best Mobile Coffee in Melbourne & Victoria! since 2007 to 2014

    So Great Coffee is now not only mobile but very affordable and served by a professionally trained Barista from a Real Coffee Cart, NOT from the back of a van's tailgate.

    Why Choose us?

    With so many people 'making' coffee in the Greater Melbourne area and with so many other Mobile Coffee Services to choose from, why would you choose us over any other mobile coffee vendor.

    Apart from the freshness and quality aspects which have already been discussed in our commitment to consistency, quality and excellence section, the following are just more reasons to consider us for your next event or function.

    We have a professional cart that complies with ALL National Health standards, in fact the company who custom built our cart has far exceeded the national standard by way of the following: Refrigeration for Milk, 2 sinks (1 Hand Washing & 1 for jugs & utensils) with hot water from an inbuilt hot water service both operated by foot controls, Antibacterial hand soap and paper towel for staff and waste water is deposited into a separate compartment from the fresh water for the espresso machine and sinks so no cross contamination can occur.

    Each mobile coffee cart comes with a professionally trained Barista who has completed the training as outlined in the Australian unit Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee Commercially THHBFB12B. All our barista's are passionate about serving good coffee each and every cup they serve. No untrained staff just pushing out coffee to earn some dough

    Each Barista has completed and been certified in Food Safety Level 1 and Level 2 which includes the following units: THHGHSO1B, WRRLP6C, FDFCORFSY1A, HLTFS7A, THHBCC11B, WRRLP7C, FDFCORFSY2A and HLTFS10A.

    Each Barista is smartly dressed in our corporate uniform or dressed in appropriate Hospitality based attire. Unlike so many coffee cart companies in Victoria our staff dress, serve and behave in a professional business-like manner with no visable tattoo's or body piercings.

    We use only Premium Quality Detpak environmentally friendly hot beverage cups, NO FOAM CUPS ALLOWED EVER! Foam cups are much cheaper but they 'taint' the flavour of Hot Drinks, not to mention the environmental impact in that they don't break down in landfill. So we use only Premium Quality cups so the coffee tastes they way it should.

    We have a huge range of both Hot and Cold Beverages available, something to please everybody!

    Unlike so many cafe's we have chosen not to rip-off our tea drinking customers. The cost of making a quality cup of Tea is considerably less than making a latte etc., so at any public event we do, our Tea is always much cheaper than of coffee prices. We also use only Sir Thomas Lipton Tea individually foil sealed packs to ensure freshness.

    Bottled Water is another item that most cafe's and mobile food vendors like to rip people off for, here at The Coffee Cure I've been to some events where a 600ml bottle of water cost $4.00 or more, that is scandalous! We never charge more than $2.50 for our Chilled Pure 'Crystal Creek' 600ml bottles. Water is a basic comodity and should be made available at a reasonable price ALWAYS!

    Our coffee service has recently been voted by the readers of Crema Magazine as the Best Mobile Coffee in Melbourne & Victoria! 06/07, 07/08, 08/09, 09/10, 10/11

    Our Mobile Coffee Carts also complies with local Government laws and is licensed by the Mornington Peninsula Shire with reciprocal agreements with other shire councils.

    Our Mobile Coffee Cart / Cafe' service is quite unique compared to the services that the Franchised Coffee Van's provide. We serve from a real professional coffee cart that will impress your guest or customers. Unlike the Franchised Van's we aren't serving coffee for a formal or even informal function or event out the back of the tailgate! however the Coffee Cart easily converts within its own custom built trailer for outdoor events as it comes complete with servery window, or it can wheel out of the trailer right into a foyer, convention centre or other indoor or outdoor location. Complete with corporate down lights, umbrella, Marquee, Menu Boards and stainless steel cake stands.

    All our electrical cables and appliances (Espresso Machine, Fridges, Grinders, Catering Equipment) are tested and tagged at regular intervals for your's and our safety and to comply with government and commercial organizations electrical testing requirements. We even have a few 3 phase distribution boards where we can assist with splitting 3 phase into multiple single phase outlets, great for events where lots of Food Vans etc are present.

    We carry the required $20M product & public liability insurance that most councils and community groups require of any registered food or beverage vendor / caterer.

    We setup and pack up after ourselves, cleaning up after ourselves as well.

    So for quality, freshness, professionalism and reliability choose The Coffee Cure!